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"I can't recommend Jane enough. She found a house in Portola Valley, off market, secured a great deal all the while selling the current one with a preemptive offer for a fair price. She stayed on the project of finding a new house for over 2 years. I call, day or night, she picks up. That's rare. There's a lot of wannabe realtors out there who talk the talk. Jane persevered and delivered and continues to deliver. I recommend her without hesitation".

Dave C.

“I highly recommend Jane because she is an expert in her field. We are first time home buyers and lucked out with finding her. She took us under her wing and successfully helped us win our bid. She explained the whole process to us and answered all our questions. She will dedicate a lot of time to  you.  She was a joy to work with and guided us through every step of the process. She made sure we didn't miss any deadlines and pushed involved parties when they weren't responding. Jane went above and beyond. She has 25+ years of experience and is super knowledgeable about everything. She's patient, professional and responsive. We probably would have been overwhelmed without her. We are so grateful for everything she's done for us. We highly recommend Jane to anyone looking for an agent”. 


Eula C.

“Jane was incredible.  We were first time homebuyers, with a pretty tight ceiling on what we could afford.  Jane really held our hand through every step of the process: from initial conversations on what we needed to do to get prepared (loan pre-approvals, etc.), to helping us refine what we liked in homes and what neighborhoods we gravitated to, to making offers and finally, closing on a house!  Jane was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and above all, very kind.  We feel it's Jane's deep expertise in real estate, and canny sense of the dynamics of the market and the seller, that got us into our house.  She's the ultimate pro, and she knows everybody”.

Sean A.

“Jane helped us to purchase our condo in Burlingame back in 2013. Now that the time has come for us to purchase our house, we didn't hesitate to choose Jane again.  Jane has exceptional knowledge of the bay area real estate. She can tell you which builds/areas to avoid due to problems it had in the   past and which area is safe to purchase for your family. Jane has a vast network of real estate professionals and that is very beneficial when putting in an offer or trying to get more info.  We are thrilled with the new house that Jane helped us purchased. She was patient with us looking at home after home. And when the time came to put in an offer, she worked late into the night to get our offer ready. That diligence paid off. She guided us every step of the way until we closed.” 


Han Y.

“It was wonderful working with Jane and having her help and guidance while navigating this crazy real estate market. She is very knowledgeable and has so much experience to help keep you informed throughout the process. She also offers many other things to think about that never even crossed my   mind. Jane went above and beyond as we purchased and moved into our home and I highly recommend her for all your house buying and selling needs”.


Kelly Y

We cannot recommend Jane Longley Martins highly enough. We were very impressed with Jane's high degree of knowledge and experience, but also her patience, attention to detail, her willingness to go the extra mile and that she was very responsive to our particular needs. Her hard work on our behalf went hand-in-hand with her warm and supportive attitude.

Maryanne S

As a licensed Realtor in another state, I understand the importance of finding the right agent to represent you in buying/selling a home. Jane and her team of other professionals were able to set up a a successful estate sale, coordinate needed repairs, update and stage the home to optimize viewings, and finally market and sell the home for top dollar in minimal time. Her professional enthusiasm was only topped by her knowledge of the local market. Jane is without a doubt one of the top agents I have dealt with in over 30 years in the real estate industry

Dave B

Jane is terrific. Really down-to-earth, and so effective. She instills confidence, and attends to all the details. Jane is a peach!

Kate H

Jane’s the best there is! She got over asking price for the home we sold and got us a condo for under asking price!

Betsey S

“Jane is very thorough, detail oriented and personable.  She is an expert in her field.  Our search for the perfect house in Portola Valley took 2 years and Jane searched non stop for us.  She has considerable connections in the industry and found options pre MLS.  We were thrilled when she sold our house in San Mateo for over the asking price. I would highly recommend Jane!”.


Heather W

Jane was excellent, very professional and very patient with us during a long relocation process. She was always there to help out. A good friend to have

Elizabeth J

We were so pleased, Jane Longley-Martins is exceptional! Jane has our highest regard, and respect, and is an incredible asset to Today Sotheby’s”. We worked closely with Jane regarding planning, referrals, executing work, strategies, addressing problems, countless decisions and all with the challenge of logistics and a restricted working budget. Out project required a great deal of thought process, organization, creativity, evaluation and flexibility, one of Jane’s strongest attributes. She was a knowledgeable leader, always positive, always understanding. Jane worked diligently throughout the entire process. Working so closely with Jane could not have been a better experience.

Modette G

Jane is a warm person and projects a comfortable situation whenever there is a need to conduct business, she makes it friendly

Mary W

Jane is a very professional Realtor that handled a variety of very difficult situations with grace and patience. She is extremely competent at so many things: negotiation, paperwork, communication, knowledge of the area. She is great!

Cindy S

Jane is the best, most honorable person ever. God bless her

Bae C

Jane knows the area like the back of her hand, is great with prospective buyers and other parties, helps navigate the process and is truly a nice person. I look forward to having another chance to deal with Jane. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

Randy S

Loved working with Jane. I am very happy and would definitely recommend her.

Marco D

In a word, Jane rocks! She has excellent knowledge of the local real estate market, has great energy, and is fun to work with.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Erik E

Jane is a seasoned Pro and it shows

Craig I

Highest Marks...5 Stars! All around excellent experience. Jane has the ability to guide the client through the diverse market while maintaining a friendly & courteous manner. Jane would go the extra mile on the little things that always pop up during prep, staging, showing, & escrow. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Jane Longley-Martins

Fred L.