Allow Jane to help you make sense of the abundance of real estate info available and apply it to your specific needs and goals. Benefit from her unparalleled marketing & cutting-edge technology to yield top dollar when selling and unique buyer strategies to compete in today's multiple offer market while buying.

We were so pleased, Jane Longley-Martins is exceptional! Jane has our highest regard, and respect, and is an incredible asset to Today Sotheby’s”. We worked closely with Jane regarding planning, referrals, executing work, strategies, addressing problems, countless decisions and all with the challenge of logistics and a restricted working budget. Out project required a great deal of thought process, organization, creativity, evaluation and flexibility, one of Jane’s strongest attributes. She was a knowledgeable leader, always positive, always understanding. Jane worked diligently throughout the entire process. Working so closely with Jane could not have been a better experience.

—Modette G